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1. Zains
Maal Kangni, Mastagi Romi, Ajwayeen, Gugle, Aloevera, suranjan shereen, chob chini are names of famous eastern herbs. Their benefits and areas of working are renowned, natural health experts distinguish them on top of the effective herbs.

Zains is a 100% herbal product that can give relief from Sciatica Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis, Knee Pain, Muscle Weakness, and Physical strength, Frozen Shoulder, Soft Tissue Repair, Stroke Effected Parts, Bones and Joint Pain.

Approved from P.C.S.I.R laboratory; no chemicals included totally natural.

100% guaranteed results, tested more then 50 chronic decease related bones and joints.

Packaging: 48 Capsules
Retail Price: Rs.850/-
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2. Zains Gold
Zains Gold is applied to those who already used Zains for 8 weeks and now they are feeling better so for protective purpose and optimal health Zains Gold is awesome product.

Kachoor, Warch, Nagarmotha, Ganj Pipli, Suranjan Shereen, Haldi, Mirch Daccan, Sonth, Kushta e folad, salajeet, Gugle are the main ingredients in Zains gold. Remember Zains Gold is 100% herbal product that is vitally a supplement, it can be use in long run without any side effect and it will not only prevent from returning disease but also maintain the overall body health. It’s a health protector as well as the power generator for the body.

As we all know that we are living in a disastrous environment and our health is at the corner of danger so the use of Zains Gold will be beneficial for all recovering people.

Packaging: 45 Capsules
Retail Price: Rs.995/-

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3. Health-H Spirulina
Import from TAAU Australia Pty Ltd. This is the world’s finest Spirulina. Spirulina abounds in vitamins and minerals, a fact that makes it a very effective dietary supplement for anyone who suffers from a nutrient deficiency. The Vitamins contained by this alga include
Vitamins Are                        Minrals Are              Essential Fatty Acids
Vitamin A                             Born Calcium                    AA
Vitamin B complex             
Chlorid                             ALA
Vitamin C                             Chrormium                       DHA
Vitamin D                             Copper                             EPA
Vitamin E                             Germanium                      GLA
Vitamin K.                            Iodine Iron                         LA
Vitamin B12                         Manganese                     SDA
Vitamin B1                           Magnesium
Vitamin B2                           Molybdenum
Vitamin B3                          Phosphorus                    
Vitamin B5                         Potassium Selenium Sodium
Vitamin B6                         Zinc
Vitamin B9

Spirulina has  2300%  More Iron Then Spinach
Spirulina  has  3900%  More Beta Carotene Then Carrots
Spirulina  has  300  %  More Calcium Then Milk
Spirulina  has  375 %  More Protein Then Tofu

Packaging: 90 Tablets (250mg)
Retail Price: Rs.1550/-

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4. Dr.Branner
Facial Acne Control (Anti - Acne Soap & Lotion)
Dr. Branner Anti-Acne Soap and Anti-Acne Logion are specially formulated for all type of skin. Anti Acne Soap with 1% of Salicylic Acid & Cinnamon helps to reduce & protect against Acne & Pimples by exfoliating dead cells and deep cleansing of pores. Anti-acne Lotion with moisturizing herbal extracts helps to penetrate pores to eliminate Acne & Pimples, nourish & smoothen the skin.


The product realization calcium, iron, zinc, in addition, the complete elimination of the use of sophisticated biotechnology calcium, iron, zinc antagonism held between iron, calcium, zinc supplement in the human body at high doses and for scientific development, security, integrated complementary effects. Calcium, iron, zinc scientific reason, appropriate content, easily absorbed by the human body, such as calcium, iron, zinc ions were all state, not bone the help of acid decomposition and VD can be directly absorbed in the intestine play a physiological role.

Effectiveness of the role:

The improvement of osteoporosis, prevention of rickets, chicken breast, leg deformities.

The prevention of children stunted slow teething, tooth decay.

Prevention of osteomalacia in adults.

To promote the normal development of the brain and improve memory.

• To improve anemia caused by iron deficiency.


Packaging: 1000mg x 30 Tablets
Retail Price: Rs.1450/-

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The man raw material of this product adopts the dietary fiber and hawthorn extract and other natural plants, refined and manufactured through scientific processing,

with safe, efficient and without any side effects. Dietary fiber can exchange with the chemical ion in the gut, adsorb hazardous substances including carcinogens, and prevent colon cancer. In addition, by the promotion of smooth exclusion of toxins from the body, to improve the human body environment, and improves the skin conditions of dull roughness and acne, and thus plays the role of caring and beautifying t

he skin.

 Effectiveness of the role:

1.      To promote bowel movements and preventing constipation and hemorrhoids.

2.      Burn fat, helps you lose weight.

3.    Prevention of cancer of the colon and rectum, preventing gallstones.

4.    Lower blood lipids, blood glucose, preventing coronary heart disease.

5.    The prevention of breast cancer in women.

6.    Prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

7.    Improved oral and dental characteristics.

8.    I.B.S

9.    Prevention of Gastric and Peptic Ulcer

      Packaging: 1000mg x 30 Tablets
Retail Price: Rs.1450/-

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Pure Garcinia cambogia plus Chromium

1.    Appetite Suppression

2.    Quick Fat Burner

3.    Boost Energy Level

4.    Boost Your Metabolism

5.    Safe Natural Way to Lose Weight
Deep within the forest of Southern Asia grows a tree known as Garcinia Cambogia. Now this exotic plant and its recently discovered benefits have been captured in a dietary supplement, Garcinia is miraculous weigh loss plant and safe natural way to lose weight. 
Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, safflower
oil, gelatin, glycerin, medium-chain triglyceride
vegetable oil (mct or thin oil), purified water,
beeswax, soy lecithin, carob extract, titanium
dioxide and chromium picolinate.

Contains Soy.
One soft gel daily three times daily, preferably 30-60 minutes before meals.


Packaging: 600mg x 20 Softgels
Retail Price: Rs.1995/-

Made in USA


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